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Healthcare Demanded Better Data, the CSN Answers

Our customers and clinical partners work with Goldblatt Systems and our core technology, the CSN to improve the delivery of health care to individuals and populations. They do this because they understand that comprehensive clinical, historical and genomic data is more useful when it is completely structured. When well-formed, structured clinical data is placed in the at the hands of providers, payers and value-based organizations one can expect to see:

  • Eliminate unstructured text as a clinical data source

  • Dramatically improve decision support and alerting at the point of care

  • Intervene much earlier, potentially averting bad outcomes and lowering cost

  • Avoid medical errors or incomplete diagnoses

  • Include deep clinical data to more effectively target risk or special program cohorts

  • Enable clinical engagement direct to consumer with virtual care management

Patients receive overall better care when members in a population are engaged more effectively, and consumers are able to better manage their own health.

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