Training & Support

Training and Support

Goldblatt System’s CSN training is tailored to the individual staff member and providers with exact content on their own schedule. Goldblatt Systems training is highly individualized and personalized. You will not “go live” until you feel confident and at ease with the system.

Our “Train the Trainer” Approach

Our implementation coordinator will work with you in a “Train the Trainer” approach to develop one or more “Super Users”. The Super Users will become your clinic’s “go to” person going forward.

No need to learn everything yourself over the internet, no out of town or out of state travel that takes you away from caring for patients. Unlike other systems, training is provided, and there are no unseen implementation costs.

Our support team is skilled in the ways providers of all specialties use our software. Remember, Goldblatt Systems’ CSN is clinician-designed and clinician-owned. We have a team of doctorate levels clinicians (MD’s, PharmD’s and PhD’s) and other highly trained support staff on the ground in REAL TIME to help you out when need it. All customer support is provided from within the United States.

Our project management team and technical implementation team make sure schedules are met and interfaces are functioning.

Improve your medical workflow today.

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