• Dr. Sidney Goldblatt


    • Chief of Pathology, Conemaugh Health System
    • Founder, Sunquest Information Systems
    • CEO, Molecular DX Genomics Laboratory
    • Fellow, National Institutes of Health
    • Founder, Goldblatt Systems

  • Jim Garliepp

    Chief Technology Officer

    • CTO Sunquest Information Systems
    • IT Director, University of Arizona Medical Center
    • Founding Member, HL7

  • Mai Slater Brown

    Quality Control Analyst

    Mai Slater-Brown was born in Vietnam. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Management Information Systems (MIS) bachelor degree. She has been in the healthcare business for over 25 years. Before joining the Goldblatt Systems team, Mai had worked at Sunquest Information Systems for over 14 years as a Senior Systems Analyst. She enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, golfing and gardening.

  • Michael “Bucky” Buchanan

    Director of Information Systems

    Bucky has focused his career building clinical information systems over the past 30+ years. Prior to Goldblatt Systems, he served as the Area Vice President of Product Development for Sunquest Information Systems and Misys Healthcare Systems. He graduated from the University of San Diego in Computer Science and Mathematics.

  • Dr. David Jacobs

    Chief Medical Officer

    David Jacobs, M.D. is board-certified Medical Doctor in the field of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation / Pain management with approximately 30 years of direct patient care clinical experience. He became very interested in the polypharmacy challenge of his patients. During his past tenure as Medical Director of a rehabilitation hospital and other post-acute care facilities numbering nearly 100 beds in Southern AZ, the problems of polypharmacy led him to making patient care changes out of necessity at the bedside.

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