Exponentially Increasing the Impact of Data on Healthcare

Goldblatt Systems, LLC is dedicated to the belief that better outcomes in medicine depend, among other things, upon quality information. At Goldblatt Systems, we believe that innovation in information technologies is beneficial to both caregivers and patients. In this regard, we invite you to follow our progress as we develop applications that will make caregivers better informed and more intuitive in their patient care plan design. In today’s emerging value-based system, we believe healthcare should demand better data.

Dr. Sidney A. Goldblatt, founder of the newly launched Goldblatt Systems, LLC, is a licensed pathologist and the co-founder of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. Dr. Goldblatt was the CEO of Sunquest from 1986 until its sale to Misys in 2001.

Before laboratory information management systems (LIMS), laboratory reports were generally hand-written and presented as overlapping sheets in the hospital chart. Dr. Goldblatt’s initial focus was based on the fact that most laboratory errors were clerical in origin, and resulted not from carelessness, but from an error-prone work process that required handwritten records. Dr. Goldblatt determined that eliminating handwritten reports and unnecessary data handling would reduce these errors, and this reduction could be achieved through data automation. The resultant system he developed at Sunquest changed the way laboratory medicine is practiced today.

From those early days in the evolution of clinical information to the present, Dr. Goldblatt continues to believe that many of healthcare’s unsolved problems are the result of work processes that interfere with good communication. The Clinical Semantic Network is an innovation in clinical information management that provides a solution to one of the most important opportunities for ensuring quality and controlling healthcare cost. At Goldblatt Systems, we believe that the CSN will do for clinical medicine and population health what Sunquest did for laboratory medicine.

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