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What is the
Clinical Semantic Network?

Our core technology, the Clinical Semantic Network (CSN), is the result of years of development based on the input and clinical expertise of a team of clinicians and client users. The CSN represents an innovative leap forward in medicine since it provides a platform that readily disseminates usable medication information, data and clinical concepts, medical information that typically must be gleaned from unstructured text in other systems.

The CSN accomplishes this by increasing the volume of well-formed clinical data in the place of unstructured text. Health care should insist on better data and that is at the core of Goldblatt Systems.

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Our Guarantee

Goldblatt Systems, LLC is dedicated to the belief that better outcomes in medicine depend, among other things, upon quality information. At Goldblatt Systems, we believe that innovation in information technologies is beneficial to both caregivers and patients. In this regard, we invite you to follow our progress as we develop applications that will make caregivers better informed and more intuitive in their work.

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