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About Us

Dr. Sidney Goldblatt

Dr. Sidney Goldblatt

• Chief of Pathology, Conemaugh Health System
• Founder Sunquest Information Systems
• CEO, Molecular DX Genomics Laboratory
• Fellow, National Institutes of Health
• Founder Goldblatt Systems

Jim Garliepp

Jim Garliepp

Chief Technology Officer

• CTO Sunquest Information Systems

• CTO Goldblatt Systems

• IT Director, University of Arizona Medical Center

Founding Member, HL7

Ann Hoff

Ann Hoff

Sales & Marketing

Ann has 25 years in medical sales. She Graduated with a MS in Animal Science from the University of Arizona, and has an undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin.

She has horses, two dogs and two cats.

Mai Brown

Mai Slater Brown

Quality Control Analyst

Mai Slater-Brown was born in Vietnam. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Management Information Systems (MIS) bachelor degree. She has been in the healthcare business for over 25 years.

Before joining the Goldblatt Systems team, Mai had worked at Sunquest Laboratory Systems for over 14 years as a Senior Systems Analyst.

At Goldblatt Systems she performs various Systems functions; however, her primary focus is being a Quality Control Analyst.

She enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, golfing and gardening.

Mike Buchanan

Michael “Bucky” Buchanan

Director of Information Systems

Bucky has focused his career building medical informatic systems over the past 30+ years. Prior to Goldblatt Systems, he served as the Area Vice President of Product Development for Sunquest Information Systems and Misys Healthcare Systems. He graduated from the University of San Diego in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Janice Jalali

Janis Jalali

Implementation Coordinator

Janis is responsible for overseeing client’s EHR implementation activities. Janis has over 25 years of experience in leading quality management, providing client services that consistently exceed client expectations. Before Goldblatt Systems, Janis served as an ISS Clinical Project Manager at the University of Arizona Health Network, responsible for coordination of EHR implementation activities in outpatient clinics.

Goldblatt Systems
Corporate information:


Headquarters: Tucson Arizona

Medical Specialties Covered: 76

Privately Owned

Company Descriptor:

Goldblatt Systems is a leading provider of cloud based services for physician practices. Among other things, produce EHR software that has a continuously updated knowledge base.